Quertle® Users – Who are they and what are they saying?

Janet Delicata: Hello, Jeff and Vicki. Thank you for being here today. Today, I would like to talk about the most important part of Quertle® – that is the users. You’ve been dealing with Quertle users about 8 years now? Jeff Saffer: Our first experience with users is when we had our free site, which [...]

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Insight From Biomedical Literature is Now In Sight

The importance of the biomedical literature to the pharmaceutical industry cannot be overstated. Understanding the literature is a cornerstone for discovery, publi- cation planning, competitive intelligence, identification of adverse events, compliance, and more. Despite being so essential for the industry, the methods for discovering critical information from the literature largely remain entrenched in 1950s technology. Even newer approaches, such as semantics [...]

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Qinsight Visual Analytics – A Game Changer for Research and Jeff’s Favorite Thing

Janet Delicata: Thank you for being here.  Today, let's talk about Quertle's new and much applauded visual analytics included in a Qinsight™ subscription. In a previous interview Jeff had mentioned Visual Analytics to be one of his favorite features.  So, let's explore it. I know that in your typical search you make a query and get a list [...]

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Power Term Classes® – A Quertle Exclusive and Vicki’s Favorite Feature

Janet Delicata: Hi again, Jeff and Vicki. In last week’s interview, we talked about each of your favorite Qinsight™ features. Can we get a bit more detailed about each of them? I was hoping that today we could talk about Vicki’s favorite and that is Quertle’s Power Term® classes. For those reading this who may not [...]

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Vicki Burnett – a Woman to Watch

Dr. Vicki Burnett, Quertle co-founder, has been honored as a "Woman to Watch" by Nevada Business magazine. Her vision about Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and the Biomedical literature are getting the recognition it deserves.  Of course, here at Quertle, we have always known she was worth watching. Congratulations to Vicki.

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